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[29/06/16 10:47AM]
Analysis of Petition for a Refund in FIFA
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I've heard of that there's a Petition for a Refund in FIFA. I read the petition. It's not likely that a refund will be awarded in any scenario, and the wording of the petition is easily arguable. At the same time, for the fifa 17 is upcoming, we are a professional website online sales of fifa coins shop. Now pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you.

EA has falsely made us (the consumers) believe that the Up cards that get released weekly and sometimes even more frequently are better than the players original cards.

This simply isn't true. Other than for int. position changes, there is a case to be made that absolutely every upgrade plays better than the day 1 card.

For example.
(a) Griezmann 83 on 0 > Base Chem = worst than any other AG Card.
(b) Griezmann 83 on Base Chem > 10 Chem w/ Basic Chem style = Card stats.
(c) Griezmann 83 on Base Chem > 10 Chem w/ Special Chem style = boost only in 
those 2/3 attributes.

From this, we can correlate that;

Griezmann 84 > (a) & (b) : Under all circumstances.
Griezmann 84 will still have primarily better stats than 83 depending on what chem style you have, and even then, under all circumstances, will still have better stats in some areas of the card.

This means that every single upgrade, IF, iMOTM, MOTM, TOTS etc etc etc, actually DO play better than the day 1 counterparts. Now if you want to buy cheap fifa coins, our site must be your first choice.

What EA have going in their favour is the fact that they chem is also messed up on day 1 cards, not just on non day 1 cards, this has been discovered by the fact Mata on 10 chem had no stat change w/ basic chem style.

This doesn't prove that EA have knowlingly been deceiving it's consumer base for years. All this proves in there was a bug in the game that was never looked at as in detail until the past 3 days.

Personally I understand the sentiment of the petition, but it's wasted efforts, imo of course. Welcome to share your ideas below.



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Written by: Charlestib | 28/06/17 02:14PM

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